This is from the game played on 12.1.2018

The story picks up with the party still at Ser Gerrick’s family farmwhere the Dalish are camped with their wagons while they try to locate all oftheir horses and get them back, sometimes with the assistance of SerGerrick.  Ser Gerrick has begun coughingand believes he has a cold.

The dwarf, Kynewulf is spending time at the Forge in the town, working on some armor and most of the rest of the party has been spending time helping the Dalish locate horses or doing things around the farm.

In the meantime, the party is joined by a human warrior, Donatello who is a sell-sword and Nova who is a warrior in training, or so she claims, but she can’t manage to hold the spear she carries without putting the point in the dirt.

Massaryn and Tanar talk to Keeper Orelas about Gerrick, and he tells them that if they can find the ingredients, he can teach them how to make the potion which will extend his life at least for a time.  The party, excluding the dwarf and Ser Gerrick (who doesn’t know he’s tainted yet) head into the forest, and manage to find all of the ingredients by the end of the day.  Exiting the forest, they find themselves just outside of town where they see Ser Gerrick speaking with a trader and the Dwarf just leaving the forge for the day. 

They return to the farm together to find 6 templars there with one human child.  They are talking to Keeper Orelas, who seems to be very relieved to have the humans back at the farm.  Their presence nearly terrifies Tanar, who Orelas sends into his wagon with the herbs that they’ve found.  Knight Lt Howard introduces himself and after a bit of conversation, Ser Gerrick offers them the hospitality of the farm and a place to stay at the farthest barn from the house and the Dalish. 

When the Templars have gone off, watches are set and Tanar, Massaryn, Keeper Orelas and Ashara go into the basement of the house where they explain to Ser Gerrick that he’s been blighted but that they are going to make a potion that will hold it at bay for a couple of years.   Tanar and Massaryn manage to make the potion while Ser Gerrick gets nice and drunk, and then downs the potion.

During the night, an old templar, Carol, finds Donatello where he’s watching things at a gazebo and he takes him back to the Templar’s barn with help from Nova who goes through his pockets. 

Late in the night, after Ser Gerrick has been put to bed, and both Tanar and Massaryn have gone to bed as well, sharing a room because the Templars are on the farm, a group of Tevinter Slavers surrounds the farm and invades the house while Ser Gerrick is puking in his room, as the taint is expelled from his body.

The fighting starts with Tanar and Massaryn in their room and moves out into the hall when Ser Gerrick steps out in his night clothes and a weapon in each hand.   Kynewulf gets jumped outside by more of the Tevinter party while Sarel is lobbing arrows at them. Donatello enters the house and finds the Mage, his lieutenant and several others at the bottom of the stairs.

After a bit of combat, the Tevinter Mage and his second as well as a couple others are dead in the house and the three that are left are pretty hurt.  Those three flee the house and get cut down by arrows from Sarel and the Dalish. 

About the time Kynewulf is pinned down, the Templars actually make an appearance to ‘save the day’ and the dwarf is rescued.

When they get into the house, Tanar and Massaryn have gone upstairs and Ser Gerrick spins them a tale of the Tevinter apostates attacking with the intent of taking the Dalish as slaves, which they seem to buy, and thanking them for helping defend the farm and his guests.

Nova rifled through the mage’s pockets and found 100sp and 2 lirium potions… the bodies were dragged away and buried or burned.

Fin… until next time