This is from the game on 11.17.2018

The game begins with the remains of various (human) companies gallantly defending the Bastion, a bleak fortress guarding the only way in or out, for land based traffic into the great Hive City of Seilzgard from the forces of Chaos which assail it. The situation is dire as contact has been lost with the city, no supplies have been sent to them for some time and the Commissars have resorted to using a blade instead of a bolter to ‘improve’ morale for lack of ammunition.  As they day dawns (and play begins) the characters do their best to defend the fortress, but Chaos manages to breach the walls.

Enter the Rogue Trader, Barbarosa with his motley assortment of hired guns and sometime allies, including a troupe of Harlequins and a regiment of Angry Marines.  With their intervention, the Bastion is saved, the Chaos attack has been staved off and the Captain explains that he has come in search of a tome believed to be somewhere in the Bastion called the Cantos of Vilderacht, as its supposed to have clues to a Archeo-tech device which will allow one to traverse the Great Rift and to Tera without the Astronomicon.

The party of humans, now joined by an Aeldari warlock, enter the Bastion and help to retake it, defeating a Chaos Sorcerer and 2 mobs of his minions who are trying to overload the generator system and blow the Bastion up.  By working together and being willing to accept the advice of their Aeldari they are able to act with advantage.

With the Bastion cleared, and with the Warlock having consulted the Skeins of Fate to determine that the Cantos is in the City, the group volunteers to go into the Hive.  The party takes a few minutes to rest while other Harlequins construct a Webway gate into the Hive, Elendae leading the way through when its ready.

The Warlock uses her psi power to help conceal the party as they sneak through a Chaos Corrupted Hive that has fallen to the Minions of Slanesh in a violent orgy of indulgences, death and torture.  Leading the way towards the tome, they pass through sights of horror the normal mind has trouble fathoming, but eventually reach a Hab block and move to the second floor, finding themselves in front of a door.  The Tech Priest works his magic on the door and the party is able to enter.  A bit of conversation with the Scribe Skull found inside, and they are able to determine that the Cantos is in a safe under the bed.

Once more the Tech Priest proves his usefulness by getting the safe open and the books within it are gathered up by the group, just before 4 Slaneshi Daemonettes find them and attack the party. The fighting is harsh but quick with one going out the window and the other three finally defeated, but not without wounds being taken by the group.

Not wanting to try and sneak back through the hive, the group used the vox to communicate with Barbarosa and in short order, the Aeldari had opened up another webway to bring them back.  The Cantos was turned over to the Rogue Trader and the group was allowed to get some rest.