From a game played 12.9.2018

Game Master: Jim Mohow (game author)

The intrepid band of adventurers all received a letter asking them to go to a particular location and then follow some specific directions. When they do, they find B’Kee, both ship and avatar, waiting for them.  The group boards the ship and are taken to the western part of the continent, where they approach a mountain and a hidden entrance opens which the ship passes through and soon lands on the outskirts of the last and well hidden, Khyber city.

They are bid to enter the keep at the center of the city and to “Pay close attention to detail lest you make a lethal mistake”.

The group makes it into the keep and immediately notices a photograph in a frame that is a 360 degree, panoramic view of a doe and two fawns in the forest and pluck it off of the wall.

They make it through 5 rooms of the keep, encountering a few denizens along the way:

                Flying Spiders

                Brown Ki’ij Scorpion

                Flying Serpents

                Hyrathi ambushers

                A Frost Draken and cursed Tylliad vampires

Along the way they find treasures and items worth selling, culminating with finding a Khyber Relic that was wanted by all, but ended up in the hands of Despotene Desire, a human sorceress and shadow dagger.