This is from the game played on 1.5.2019

The game starts with about two months having passed while Kynewulf crafted plate armor for himself and for Ser Gerrick and it is now mid-winter. While this has been happening, Massarian and Orelas have been in communication with other nearby Dalish Clans and Lanaya has come to be 1 st to Orelas and help teach Tanar Primal Magic.

Soon after the armor has been completed and Lanaya has joined the clan that is staying with the party, that word reaches the group that Ser Gerrick has been summoned to the Arl to deal with an incursion of Avvar who have been attacking the West Hills Arling.

After speaking with Orelas, the Dalish agree to travel with the group and they are soon on the road, travelling west along the South Road. The group has barely reached the town of Elmridge, and it is now early spring when they arrive and start to settle at the Smoking Crow Inn. Its there that Ser Odris, the Arl’s Herald finds them and urges them back on the road to the Arl.

They reach the encampment and meet with Arl Wolf of the West Hills Arling. He tells them that about 7 days ago, his daughter, Izot was taken by Avvar into the Frostbacks. He will pay them 100 silvers each if they can bring back proof that she’s dead, or 2 gold each if they can bring her back alive. He also tells them that there are two Avvar holdings near the Winter Manse where she was taken from. The one that is further away is not likely to have taken her as they are in a war with another tribe and that the closer hold is more likely to be where she was taken. The Arl adds a stablehand to look after the mounts he is giving them, a tinker to help repair gear and a circle mage to help where or if such help is needed. He provides winter gear, mounts, first aid supplies and other cold weather necessities for the party.

Taking their leave from the Arl, they head to the Manse and begin to investigate the area and talk to the staff. Gerrick talks to the witnesses and chamber maid, Nova and Tanar search the girls room and Massarian finds a symbol carved on a tree that represents the head of the Avvar pantheon.

The consensus is that while they tried to make it look like an attack, the girl left of her own free will.

They head West, following the tracks into the frostbacks, traveling 2 days through woods. At that point, something grabs Nova and tries to drag her off, but she struggled loose and whatever it was disappeared. A couple moments later, it grabs Sarel. It’s a giant, red and black cat that then kills Nova’s horse and tries to drag it off. They manage to kill it, but upon looking, discover it was a nursing female. Sarel skins the corpse, and while he is doing that, and Afton is going on about finding the kitten, Tanar hears it mewing softly not far from her and manages to lure it out with a bit of jerky. She gathers it up and takes it with them as they continue.

The party presses on and finds the trail ending in a clearing where there was a vicious fight. It appears that some people stayed over night and then the group split up in to smaller groups, and 2 people headed off alone, one wounded and bleeding. The party finds a bag hanging from a limb that appears to be ground up meal and blood. Massarian tells them that the bodies of the fallen have been cut up, the bones ground to meal and mixed with blood in the bag and hung in the tree in a form of Avvarian burial.

It looks like the larger group went SW, the smaller went W and when they look, they see a huge flock of birds to the west.

The party decides to head west, and soon enough, they can smell it and hear the birds… way more than for a group of 2 people who came this way. When they get there, they find a field of bodies as far as they can see. At least 50-60 bodies of men, women and children, not to mention goats. From what they can tell, they were caught and butchered while they were out farming. In the middle of the field, there is an altar with a childs body on it to which the head was removed and replaced with a goats head.

The group tries to bypass, but as they are crossing slowly through the field, they see 12 Genlocks charging out of the trees at them. Rather than try to engage, the party attempts to flee further towards the west. They are making a good run for it, when two of the party ride into each other and get knocked off their horses and roll down the hill towards the darkspawn. The party engages in a running combat while trying to get Massarian and Allistair back on horses. The party kills most of them and the four that are left decide running away is better. The party continues on West and they find a plateau with an Avvar village surrounded by a 15’ – 20’ tall wall.

Ser Gerrick rides out and is soon met by a large man who speaks with him. He is Thane Owyen of Red Hold, and at the shaman’s urging grants hospitality at his hold. When they enter the village, everyone’s eyes are bloodshot from crying, half the village lies dead in the field. They are taken to a longhouse to stay and then they speak with the shaman. After talking with Elorn the Shaman, they party is shown to a longhouse where people eat and drink, and they partake in a meal and some tea. When they finish, Ser Gerrick and a couple others go to meet the Thane while Tanar and a couple others go speak to Elorn who they find in a trance. The Thane explains that a large number of the warriors / hunters are not there, they are out hunting and that Elorn has told him that outlanders will be the saving of the village. He tells that if they will stand with them for 3 days, that he will give them a lyrium sword, two books and a bow that have been in his family for a long time. He will also tell them how to find Izot.

Meanwhile, the group of mages speaks with Elorn for a bit and Tanar tells him that if there is need, that they know how to craft the dalish potion that will help someone who has been tainted by the darkness. They talk a bit more and then leave.

Everyone meets up in their longhouse to speak about things and all agree to help the Avvar in the hold for the three days requested with the understanding that they still have to find Izot and rescue her if at all possible.