This is from the game played on 2.2.2019

The game begins with everyone making preparations for the upcoming defense of the village:
-Tanar makes healing supplies and works with the shaman, teaching him to make the Keeper’s Potion that will stave off the taint.
-Sarel puts out wind gauges and works on prepping arrows
-Kynewulf helps at the forge and with repairing weapons
-Reinboldt helps out making arrows
-Massarian creates 5 glyphs of paralysis and puts them on the wall in strategic locations
-Nova works on general prep for the defense
-Ser Gerrick bolsters the defenses and works with the Thane to determine the best defense of the village.

The wall is 15’ tall, 20’ tall at the towers, 8’ thick with a 6’ walkway between crenellations and there are about 20 yards between towers, and a tower on each side of the gate into the village. Inside, the buildings are stone with slate roofs, but near each building is a barrel with water in case anything gets set on fire. 15’ back from the wall, they put in a series of poles with rings on them, which arrows are set into. Bandages are set up on each section of the wall for the wounded.

The Arl’s son arrives and gets a stern dressing down from Ser Gerrick and told to stand with the archers near one of the rings inside
the wall.

Everyone except Nova, who is gods know where, see a dozen Avvar come out of a lodge, strip down to loin cloths and start painting themselves with grey and blue clay, chanting all the while. Its some sort of defensive magic, and when Tamar asks the shaman about it she finds out that they are warding themselves. Nova shows up and joins in on the warding and runs around naked but for a loincloth as well.

Elorn gives Tamar 3 healing potions and 2 Lyrium potions. She gives Mazz one of the healing and one of the lyrium potions. Nova also hands out one lyrium potion to Tanar and Mazz.

Tanar goes to the shrine where Elorn is, Cecelia is gone so she knows he is looking through her eyes. She asks what he sees and he says: “Hurlocks, no ogres seen. Uarag returns, runts are there.”

Uarag does return, he is one of the scouts, and soon everyone is in the Thane’s long house discussing defense and what Uarag reports. The darkspawn are only a few hours away, they will probably attack in about 4 hours. There are about 150 Genlocks and about 50 Hurlocks, he didn’t see any ogres, but there was something hidden in the mist that made a loud noise. No siege engines though.

The party and the Avvar take what time they have left to build bulwarks in the open area around the village so that they are funneled
towards the gates and front portions of the wall. Bonfires are set up to the far sides of the open area to help push them into the funnel
of bulwarks. The best archers are set on the far left and right, with no lights on the wall to backlight their positions. The Thane and his
best warriors take the wall to the left of the gates and Ser Gerrick and the rest of the group takes the wall to the right of the gate.

As the time draws near for the attack, the sun is setting and everyone mans the wall. There is nothing but silence from outside the walls. Everyone is quiet in the village, then everyone on the wall hears the sound of hundreds of feet crunching the snow in the woods. Fog begins to rise and the bonfires are lit by flaming arrows.

They hear a horn from within the trees and the first wave begins to charge the walls. It appears that the first wave is comprised of Genlocks. Around a hundred of them hit the walls. Ser Gerrick and his group do their part to repel the invaders using a variety of means: magic is cast, weapons swung, arrows shot, ladders are burned and Genlocks hurled to the ground to die beneath the feet of their fellow darkspawn. Finally, the horn sounds again and the remaining Genlocks withdraw from the field into the trees.

There is about a 20 minute break before the fog starts to rise higher and higher and then a wave of Hurlocks are throwing themselves at the wall and climbing to the top.