This is from the game played on 1.26.2019

The party has achieved one objective, they have found the Sextant… but how do they use it, what does it do?

Elendae spends some time studying it and is keeping it in her possession for the time being…
It looks like any other sextant, but for the fact that it is covered in high gothic, old Aeldari and unknown runes and circles. The old Aeldari slowly transitions into a more modern dialect as its read.
The first thing the group does however, is to set up security with the troops, then they spend some time searching the cathedral. They search the caretaker’s area for food, then split 3/3 and search each floor, meeting up again before going to the next.
Level 1, group 1 finds mechanical equipment, machine shops etc.
Level 1, group 2 finds mech bays for more intricate scale, advanced mech bays and bio repair units
Level 2, group 1 finds storage area of stolen grave goods and Raddich helps himself to a few bits an pieces (5 small items of high value)
Level 2, group 2 finds minimalist living quarters for 30 caretakers.
Level 3, everyone back together, the group finds a common kitchen and eatery with enough to sustain everyone for a couple of months.
The group loots the cathedral for food and water and then sets up camp around the Thunderhawks

John finds a journal detailing items in some surrounding crypts, and there is a ‘creepy’ feeling due to the thinness in the warp within the cathedral. Torque spends some time repairing Wulfgar’s armor and Elendae spends some time studying the Sextant. Elendae is able to determine that the sextant alters the flow of the warp around it. The key to how it works is somewhere in the remaining Cantos of Vilderacht somewhere.

Nightwatch – 1st watch is uneventful

Nightwatch – 2nd watch
Torque manages to get the bag holding the Sextant out of Elendae’s hold and tent while she is sleeping. When a guardsman tries to stop him, Elendae wakes up and goes after the bag. Torque wakes up and claims that he was possessed by a warp entity and drops the bag. Elendae grabs the bag and is able to see that there is a warp entity on Torque’s head. She uses her singing spear to severely damage the thing. It lets go of Torque and gets into the tank and takes over Private Steve. Sargent John goes after Private Steve, the entity gets knocked loose and floats out of the tank where Elendae throws her spear and kills it.

Nightwatch – 3rd watch
Everyone takes some time to rest and recuperate and Torque went over the book that Sgt John had found in the priest’s quarters and finds that there might be something related to the Sextant in a nearby tomb library.

The group heads to a nearby Vangeld Mausoleum which holds a library. They enter it and Torque grabs ahold of a servoskull to find the library. Once they know where it is, they make their way there and find a couple of books mentioning the Cantos. Torque spends a bit of time reading the books. It talks about how Scribe Loren discovered an ancient Zeno artifact that provided unerring navigation of the warp with a diagram of the sextant. The party searches and manages to find 2 books by Scribe Loren. Torque settles down to process the contents of them, and John’s comm goes off and it’s the private on the channel.

The party heads out to find out what is going on, 3 people in the tank have been taken over by warp beings. When the crypt doors are opened, the tank fires a missile at the group and messes up the crypt’s entrance. The group moves out to the front of the tank and then around to the back. While Elendae tries to deal with the warp entities, Stevens runs into the tank with a Crack Grenade, killing everyone inside, including himself.

Sgt. John oversees cleaning the tank and everyone returns to the cathedral with the books by the Scribe Lauren in hand.

From the 2 books they find that the First Book of the Cantos tells you how to use the Sextant. They also find out that the Sextant had been found on an exudite Aeldari world that was dead and found by an explorator fleet. There are several pages in Aeldari and Elendae reads them.

The book was written around 5,000 years ago, but about 500 years ago, a grand harlequin wrote the pages in Aeldari, explaining how the sextant can be used to unerringly move through the warp, and detailing that it is a very powerful artifact that was once used to map the webway. At the very end, Elendae finds a note with her name on it, and the coordinates within the webway of the Black Library.

A few days later, Barbarosa arrives and everyone heads back to his ship.