This is from the game played on 3.2.2019

The game picks up mid-battle with 4 hurlocks on the wall fighting the party and 6 more coming over the walls top.  The group manages to keep any hurlocks from getting over the wall into the village, pushing all of the ladders down when there’s a break in the fighting.  Unfortunately, the other group isn’t so lucky and the 3 hurlocks manage to get past the Thane’s group and into the village where they attack the archers on the ground.  They get killed off and the rest of the hurlocks withdraw to the sound of a horn in the forrest.

After about 20 minutes, they see a group of hurlocks trying to guide a huge tainted boar with quills towards the gate while the genlocks and hurlocks at the forests edge chant its name.  Its clearly some sort of champion for them.  The defenders are down to about 30 Avaar warriors from the 50 that they started with.

Gerrick and Owyen confer with each other and when the boar approaches the gates, the gates are opened to let it through and closed behind it.  The Red Lion is let loose and it kills the boar while the group distracts it. The group then finishes off the 5 hurlocks that made it through the walls with the boar.

Tanar, who remained atop the walls, sees 50+ Avaar warriors and a group of lowlanders coming out of the forest and attacking the darkspawn. The grey warden kills the darkspawn leader and the rest of them flee. The newcomers are let into the village. The newly arrived Avaar warriors find out what has happened and there is much crying and mourning for the loss of families and friends.

The grey warden has a beard and black ponytail and introduces himself as Duncan after the group joins him. He takes a long, hard look at Gerrick and Nova.  Tanar makes Nova take one of the potions she makes for Gerrick. Duncan tells them that he and those with him came because they felt the darkspawn.

Tanar spends a bit of time healing Vorn, the Red Lion before he goes back to his pit, and then the group joins Duncan at his fire outside the walls to talk.  Then, the rest of the group goes back inside the walls while Gerrick and Nova go off to join the Grey Wardens.  Nova passes without issue through the test, but Gerrick dies for a few moments and when he returns to life, his eyes and hair are white.

Duncan tells Gerrick he can finish his quest, then he must join the Grand Tourney and win, to get the dwarven hammer that is the prize and bring it to Duncan. It is the hammer, Anvil Breaker that belonged to the paragon Caradin. Once Duncan has the hammer, he plans to take it to Orzamar to get the dwarves on his side because he feels a Blight may be coming.

The party spends a day or two healing up and recouperating, then the Thane gives them 3 warriors to lead the party to where the Arl’s daughter is, leaving the Thane’s son to remain at the village. They are led to Balin’s layer by the warriors, one of which is her fiancé.  They head northeast up the mountain, high into the frostbacks to an ice bridge over a chasm.  They are told that the bridge will be watched, that Balin commands 50 men. That he is pretty much hated, but that his second in command is reasonable and honorable. Gerrick is told that family or friends can challenge Balin to get their women back.

Gerrick issues the challenge and they fight on the bridge over the chasm.  When the fight is over, Gerrick is left victorious and the second in command gives the girl to them. She is given her sword and joins them.  The group returns to the village, picks up the Arl’s son, and all are now considered to be token friends / members of the Thane’s clan, Clan Redcliff (Hold Redcliff).

The group leaves, returning to the Arl’s steading, with the fiancé included in the group.  The Arl is furious, Gerrick makes his case for the girl to be allowed to marry the young man and the Arl finally agrees.  They are given 2 gold each for the original mission and an additional 100 silver for bringing the Arl’s son back to him as well.