This is from the game played on 2.23.2019

With the Sextant found, the group has a few days to rest and recover before they are once more called to the bridge and speak with the Captain.

He tells them that he will have to split his fleet again, in order to answer a call for help from a nearby planet. He wants the group to take a frigate and go in search of a lost Admech fleet. They are to find it, enter the fleet and locate a device that was said to have been added to the Ship’s Geller Field and that it is imperative that they get it.

A contingent of Admechs and half of the Harlequin troupe goes with the group along with a party of special forces guardsmen who answer to the now Staff Sargent John Balushi, henceforward to be known as Balushi’s Brawlers.

The group loads up the frigate with equipment and head out.

They take several days and jumps and finally reach the location of a nebula. After that, they have about a day of real time travel to find the fleet. The Admechs determine that the energy signature that they are looking for is coming from the ship which has been melded with a space hulk. It is a gothic era light cruiser.

They send crew to investigate the other ships, all of them come back and tell the group that it looks like the Admechs went insane and most of the crew suffered catastrophic degenerative conditions (a virus drove them insane and they killed each other)

The group finally heads over to the cruiser and enter through a large hanger, open to the void. Some of the commandos set up a beach head and landing security. Elendae is able to determine that the item is to the aft of the ship, so a group of scrubs is sent towards the bridge and the group heads aft. As the group heads deeper in, they can hear broken comms from the scrubs and decide to go in search of them, leaving the scrubs they have with them to hold a beachhead.

Reaching a junction of 3 main corridors, they find a gory scene of their scrubs being eaten by a group of 30 genestealers. There’s a bit of a fight, but the group manages to kill them all.

The group turns around and heads aft down the main corridor heading in that direction. As they go, things begin to look more and more hivelike. The two marines note Astarte weapons damage that would typically be from Terminator armor and weapons. They find an area of destroyed hull but press on until they come to an airlock and pass through in small groups. They manage to find the start of engineering and see a boarding capsule usually used by deathsquads. Taking a look, they find a chainsword that is very intricately designed and probably belonged to the squad leader. Wulfgar takes the sword. They also note that one of the marines was a psyker.

They move deeper to the aft and come on an area that is heavily inhabited by genestealers and the group has to fight their way through. During the fight, Elendae’s faceplate is cracked. They finally get through the hive area and into engineering to where the Geller field generators are. It takes a bit of work, but one of Balushi’s Brawlers tells the group that he’s located the item they came from and needs about 5 minutes to get it loose.

While the Brawler’s work to get the thing off the generator, the rest of the team is keeping an eye out and then… Wham! A 15’ genestealer drops from the ceiling onto Elendae. She goes toe to toe with it, driving it off of her and then it attacks Wulfgar and is soon deader than a door nail.

The party gets the device, returns to their shuttles and heads back to the frigate. Once there, they nuke the hulk / cruiser with all the genestealers and return to the Rogue Trader Captain.