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Darkus Thel: The Keep of Megarra

From a game played 12.9.2018 Game Master: Jim Mohow (game author) The intrepid band of adventurers all received a letter asking them to go to a particular location and then follow some specific directions. When they do, they find B’Kee, both ship...

Wrath & Glory Session Report

This is from the game on 11.17.2018 The game begins with the remains of various (human) companies gallantly defending the Bastion, a bleak fortress guarding the only way in or out, for land based traffic into the great Hive City of Seilzgard from the forces of Chaos...

Dragon Age Session Report

This is from the game played on 12.1.2018 The story picks up with the party still at Ser Gerrick’s family farmwhere the Dalish are camped with their wagons while they try to locate all oftheir horses and get them back, sometimes with the assistance of...

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